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Collect visitor details, prayer requests, volunteer applications, staff leave requests, marriage preparation, church surveys...

Why should you do all the work?

Running surveys or keeping your growing database up to date can be very time consuming, meaning it often doesn’t happen. Imagine if you could create a form with just the info you need, then drop it on your website, share on Facebook or send it in an email, your workload just went down. Connect the forms to processes and you can start to automate much of the follow-up while ensuring people don’t get forgotten, your workload just went way down!

Try this example form

This is an example form that's linked to a process. The process sends you an automated response if you enter your details. While a simple example this has had the colors customized and gives an idea of even more sophisticated forms you could create.

Still more form options

  • Unlimited forms, questions & responses.
  • Unlimited people, only pay for regular attendees.
  • Touch ID or pin-code security so sensitive info isn’t easily accessed by others on your phone.
  • Organize forms by type, for example by ministry type or location.
  • Multi-site.
  • Save a bookmark on your phone home screen and use a form like an app.
  • Form responses update or create people’s profiles.
  • Focus on the people your responsible for or on everyone.
  • View all form history.
  • Download all responses to CSV and analyse in Excel.
  • Customize various question types in each form.
  • Add a signature question to record signatures, stop losing paper forms and move to tablets & phones.
  • Avoid spam responses with reCAPTCHA
  • Keep forms private or publish to allow anonymous responses.
  • Email or SMS forms to multiple people.
  • Share forms on Facebook, twitter or elsewhere.
  • Publish forms to the UCare portal.
  • Effortlessly embed forms on your website or in an app.
  • Customize embedded forms to match your website or app style.
  • Link to processes for prayer requests, web concierge requests, volunteer applications, getting married, etc.
  • Automate sending personalized email & SMS.
  • Automate adding or removing from a group, meeting or another process.
  • Automate updating the person’s profile.
  • Automate assigning additional tasks to others.
  • Automate adding people who order resource.
  • All UCare activity is fully audited for data privacy reporting needs.
  • Optimized for low bandwidth internet, no offline mode.
  • Encrypted internet connection to protect all data.
  • Supported on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge+.
  • The mobile app is supported on iOS 12+ and Android 8+.

Get started quickly

Create a form and pick your questions, email, share or publish the form on your website to start collecting responses. The set up options will grow as you need and we’re there to guide you with every step.

People that care

We know it is frustrating when things don’t work as expected, that’s why we invest in a great support team to help with questions you have. We also have plenty of articles, videos and training available.

Continual improvement

We’re always refining and improving based on our customer’s usage and needs. We want to work together to make UCare even better, when you have an idea or feedback feel free to share.

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