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Which edition?

* Recommended edition is based on 500 active profiles (use the slider to adjust).


For new churches and churches wanting to track attendance and start growing each person.

$71 AUD/month
  • People & Households
  • Secure notes
  • Custom fields
  • Groups & Attendance
  • Personalized Bulk Email
  • Personalized Bulk SMS ADD-ON
  • Follow-up tasks
  • Websites ADD-ON
  • Email support
  • Check-in & Child Safety
recommended for you*


For growing churches focused on child safety, outreach and wanting follow-up automation.

$179 AUD/month
  • All Essentials features
  • Check-in & Child Safety
  • Event registrations
  • Forms & Processes
  • Giving & Finances
  • Stores
  • Church metrics
  • Up to 5 campuses
  • Monthly training webinars
  • Wave Services & Teams NEW
  • Wave Automation Studio NEW 3 AUTOMATIONS INCLUDED


For large or multi-site churches focused on volunteers, in-depth analytics and wanting full automation.

$269 AUD/month
  • All Growth features
  • Wave Analytics NEW
  • Wave Automation Studio NEW
  • Wave Services & Teams NEW
  • Wave Graph API NEW
  • Phone support available
  • Unlimited campuses
  • Implementation specialists
  • Coaching & Masterclasses

Not sure which edition is for you?

We’d love to talk with you and discuss the unique needs of your church.

Edition details

Only pay for what you need.


All your people stored safely in one place

Included people (you don’t pay for visitors or archived people)500 people included500 people included500 people included
Extra people$15/100 people$50/500 people$50/500 people
Unlimited notes, contact info, relationships, custom dates & fields
Flag preferred contact methods
Unsubscribe from email or SMS
Easily change photo’s using the camera on any tablet or phone
Merge duplicate profiles or use the bulk duplicate finder
Split & merge households
People can securely update their contact details in a way that avoids the need for a password
Send personalized email or SMS to one or multiple people
Print photo directories booklets
Bulk update profiles
Assign tasks that anyone can complete from their email inbox, no password required
Send bulk SMS directly from UCareAdd onAdd onAdd on
Send bulk email directly from UCare5/person/month included10/person/month included20/person/month included
Extra Email messages$3/1000$2/1000$1/1000


Stay organized & help build connections

Unlimited groups, times & group types
Unlimited group members
Unlimited group leaders
Custom leader roles
Build any report using auto-updating search groups that include members based on criteria you specify
Secure attendance reports are emailed to leaders in a way that avoids the need for passwords
Record that a group didn’t meet, or select who attended with just a few taps
Attendance submitted reports emailed to all group leaders
Embed a small group finder in websites and mobile apps so people can browse and join published groups
Add new people as part of attendance reports or directly to the group
Track custom stats. For example like giving, head count, decisions
Add photos in a snap with a phone or tablet’s camera
Built in reports in a variety of formats (web, print, PDF, CSV)
Absent, attendance, new people, not in a group, birthdays, notes, medical, Gender, age, attendance, members, giving, custom stats and much more
Print nametags, directories or address labels

Check-in & Child Safety

Speed up, secure and simplify check-in & reporting

Unlimited classes, rooms, age groups, times
Check-in stations (phone, tablet, laptop or desktop)20 includedUnlimited
Assisted Check-in for registering & checking in visitors, updating personal info, and check-out
Self Check-in so regulars can quickly check-in themselves
Roster Check-in for room check-in & check-out
RFID or barcode key-tags for 10 second check-in & enhanced check-out security
Create custom forms for registration & consent
Automate follow-up with Processes
Add or update families & people on the fly in assisted check-in and roster check-in
Add photos in a snap with a phone or tablet’s camera
Parent/guardian name & phone printed on nametags for quick contact
Send SMS directly from UCare to the parent/guardianAdd onAdd on
Allergies, medical and notes are printed on nametags
Track police check requirements & renewals for volunteers
Secure handling split families or custody disputes
Zebra printer support for high performance check-in stations
Brother printer support for fully wireless check-in stations
DYMO printer support for low cost check-in stations
Customizable name tags & security tickets

Event Bookings

Simplify ticket sales & event management

Free or paid event registrations for classes, camps, outreach events and more
Unlimited ticket types
Unlimited attendees
RFID wristbands speed up lines with 2 second check-in
Reports for sales, refunds, attendees and more
Publish event registration pages on your website, church app or the UCare portal
Quickly scan tickets at the door with the UCare mobile app, print name tags and record attendance
Group booking express check-in
Collect custom attendee questions before or after registration
Group discount options & promo codes
Add analytics tracking
No per ticket fees from UCare
Payments in person or online via PayPal, Card, and Direct debit
Card transaction rates start at 1.75% + 30c per transaction with StripeOptionalOptional


Get answers fast

Unlimited forms, questions & responses
Save a bookmark on your phone home screen and use a custom form like an app
Form responses can create profiles and update people’s existing profiles
Reports for form responses
Customize various question types in each form
Add a signature question to record signatures, stop losing paper forms and move to tablets & phones
Embed forms on your website or church app
Share forms on Facebook, twitter or elsewhere
Publish forms to the UCare portal
Securely pre-populate forms when send via email or SMS
Customize embedded forms to match your website or app style
Link to processes for prayer requests, volunteer applications, getting married, etc.
Automate adding or removing from a group, meeting or another process
Automate updating the person’s profile


Automate your follow-up processes

Unlimited processes
Focus on the people your responsible for or on everyone
Process step success indicators measure your team and help improve the process
Each process is its own report that you can easily print
Customize the steps in each process
Automate sending personalized email & SMS
Automate adding or removing from a group, meeting or another process
Automate updating the person’s profile
Automate assigning additional tasks to others
Automate adding people who order resource
Automate adding people the register for an event
Automate adding people who submit form responses
Assigned people receive daily summary of due follow-up

Giving & Finances

It’s about the heart

Unlimited donations and other payments
Record pledges, donations and other payments
Categorize payments
Send tax statements to the entire church
Export payments to your favorite accounting software, i.e. QuickBooks, Xero, etc.
Optionally email receipts with every payment
Payments via card, cash, direct debit, check, or PayPal
Issue refunds, both cash, Card & Direct debit
Accept Google Pay and Apple Pay
PCI DSS compliant gives peace of mind that all payment info is secure
Over 100 currencies accepted by our payment processors
Card transaction rates start at 1.75% + 30c per transaction with StripeOptionalOptional
No additional transaction fees from UCare
Embed payment forms on your website or in an app
Publish a payment form to the UCare portal
Customize embedded payment forms to match your website or app style
Display the published payment form on any tablet for kiosk giving
Process payments over the phone


Sell in person and online

Unlimited stores, products & orders
Sell or give away physical or digital products
Track product stock
Add barcodes to products to speed up ordering
Display multiple images for each product
Include multiple audio, video or other files for download products
Customers are emailed invoices upon order completion
Issue order refunds, both cash & card
Add product variations and extra options, each with its own price
Payments in person or online via PayPal, Card, and Direct debit
Card transaction rates start at 1.75% + 30c per transaction with StripeOptionalOptional
No per order fees from UCare
Embed stores on your website or church app
Publish stores to the UCare portal
Customize embedded forms to match your website or app style
Use stores on any tablet for kiosk or retail ordering
Process orders over the phone
Link to Processes to track fulfillment and automate customer notifications
The order board let’s your café team manage each item of an order
Add store hours for the café to help with people ordering from their phone on the way to church
Add multiple taxes

Wave Analytics

Reporting reimagined

Build dashboards and reports using the Power BI Desktop app
Create and publish standard dashboards and reports
Create and publish advanced dashboards and reportsAdd on

Wave Automation Studio

Work smarter not harder

Automate multi-step actions based on activity triggers3 automations included
Automate multi-step actions based on polling conditions3 automations included

Wave Services

Organize services with a detailed plan

Manage unlimited services across multiple locations5 campuses included
Support multiple service and rehearsal times for each service5 campuses included
Manage order of service and item length, assign items to different team and roles
Set service teams, roles and required skills then let UCare assign the right people
Multi-service planner to speed up service order management and volunteer assignment
Live Services to facilitate team communication and service timings Coming 2024 Coming 2024

Wave Teams

Schedule people across all your teams and services

Manage unlimited teams across multiple locations
Assign people based on their team skills and location
Schedule volunteers based on their preferences, block-out dates, conflicts and declines.
Email and SMS position requests
Set automatic reminder preferences per team and service time
Enable volunteer decline mode or ask them to find their own replacement
Organize and attach files to services
Manage your own songs or import from SongSelect Coming 2024 Coming 2024

Wave Graph API

Extend UCare for your custom needs

Query and mutate the graph using GraphQL Query complexity up to 1000 nodes Query complexity up to 5000 nodes
Use the GraphQL playground to test your ideas
Subscribe to realtime changes in the graph

Wave Security

Limit access to sensitive info

Easy to use access management
Security areas for restricting access to sensitive info. For example notes, contact info, custom dates & fields, groups, forms, processes, etc.
Fine grained access management. Grant permission to View, Create, Edit, Delete specific dataComing 2024Coming 2024
Create and manage access RolesComing 2024Coming 2024
Assign fine grained permissions based on RolesComing 2024Coming 2024

Support & Onboarding

Experts that care

CSV data import assistance
Data migrationAdd onAdd onAdd on
Online help center
Email based technical support
Email based coaching
Monthly Webinars
Tailored Coaching and MasterclassesAdd onAdd on
Implementation specialistsAdd onAdd on
Phone supportAdd onAdd on

Other features

Assign tasks that anyone can complete from their email inbox, no password required
Flexible data import & export; including unlimited custom fields
UCare mobile app is supported on iOS 12+ and Android 8+
Touch ID or pin-code security so sensitive info isn’t easily accessed by others on your phone
Supported on any internet connected device with a recent version of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge+
Encrypted internet connection to protect all data
Optimized for low bandwidth internet
All UCare activity is fully audited for data privacy reporting needs
Multi-site5 sites includedUnlimited
Bandwidth10 GB included25 GB included100 GB included
Extra Bandwidth$25/100 GB$25/100 GB$25/100 GB
Guaranteed 99.9% SLA- The industry’s best uptime SLAs with service credits
Encrypted data backupDailyHourlyContinual

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help. If you run into any problems at all, feel free to use the help button to contact us.

Q: What happens after my trial?

You can subscribe any time during your 21-day trial. However, if you hit the end of your trial without subscribing, your account will be put on hold (all your data will stay safe for another 30 days, so don’t stress) until you subscribe or cancel.

Q: Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. You can choose to pay monthly, with no long term contracts or commitments on your part. If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month, but you won’t be billed again.

Q: Can I change the UCare edition?

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade the edition when needed. Once subscribed to UCare, downgrades take effect at the end of your current billing period.

Q: How are costs calculated?

Each edition of UCare has a fixed base cost and includes up to 500 active people, if you have more then 500 active people then there are additional costs. Essentials is $15/100, Growth and Lighthouse are $50/500.

Q: Who are considered active?

Any person that is recorded as having attended three or more times in 60 days becomes active. People who are a member of a public or attendance group in UCare are also considered active.

Q: Can I still contact archived people?

Yes, archived people are similar to active people & visitors. You can still view their full profile, send them email or SMS, register for events and record future attendance.

Q: Do you charge for children?

Yes. Many parents tell us that their child’s safety is very important to them, charging for children allows us to dedicate resources to continue improving our child safety features.

Q: Do you charge for visitors?

We don’t charge for visitors or infrequent attenders, though once people attend three times in 60 days they are considered regular and will be charged for.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

Once your trial ends you’ll be able to pay your subscription using any major credit card, Australian churches can also pay via bank deposit.

Q: Do we pay a setup costs?

No, simply subscribe after your 21-day trial ends to keep your account.

Q: Can you help setup our account?

Yes! Our implementation specialists are available to those on the Growth and Lighthouse editions.

Q: Can I import our data?

Sure can. UCare walks you through importing people, households, groups and more from CSV files. Most databases will export in CSV format so you can quickly transition your data.

Q: Can you help migrate our data?

Yes! Our team has a number of tools to help migrate more of your data to UCare. Please use the help button to contact our support team who are happy to help.

Q: Will I be able to import custom fields?

Yes! You can import as many custom fields as you need, you can even give your users the ability to create custom fields on the fly if you want.

Q: Can we export our data?

Whether you want a backup or you have decided to close your account you can export your data from UCare.

Q: What format can we export?

You can export your data in CSV or PDF format when you need.

Q: Where is our data stored?

Your data is stored as close to you as possible, this can be important to ensure that your data is governed by to laws of your country. We currently have two locations in the United States, two in Europe and two in Australia.

Q: Do you provide training?

Absolutely! We want to do everything we can to make sure you understand how to use UCare and are using it the best you can. After all, if no one can use it, what good is it? Use the help button to find out more.

Q: What level of auditing exists?

For security reasons it may be important to audit user’s activity. Admins have access to a full audit log so they can see exactly who is viewing which info and what changes they are making.

Q: What happens to deleted info?

Any deleted info (e.g. people, groups, payments, etc.) is removed right away. But a backup of this info is kept and you can undelete it at any time, it will even be available in 10 years.

Q: What is your service availability?

Our average up-time is over 99.95%, less than 20 minutes unplanned down time in a month. We have a Service Level Agreement of 99.9%, if we ever fail to meet this a credit will be applied to your account.

Q: Do you have phone support?

We find that our free email support & help center is more than adequate for most churches. But phone support packages are available to churches on the Growth and Lighthouse editions, use the help button to ask for a quote.

Q: We’re not a church, is there other pricing?

We often work with para-church and not-for-profit organizations, use the help button to discuss your needs.