Set up shop

Wouldn’t it be great if your attendees could easily buy resources at your church? And wouldn’t it also be great if people could quickly grab all your conference sessions from your website or the latest worship album in your church app?

Sell in person and online

UCare will process payments, issue receipts and track stock levels. UCare will also distribute digital products and manage the process of shipping physical items. You can even create a store for your cafe so you can see all the coffee orders, and use an easy order management board to ensure that orders are made to plan and on time.

Still more store options

  • Unlimited stores, products & orders.
  • Unlimited people, only pay for regular attendees.
  • Touch ID or pin-code security so sensitive info isn’t easily accessed by others on your phone.
  • Multi-site.
  • Multiple custom taxes.
  • Products can be physical or digital.
  • Track product stock so you know when to re-order.
  • Use product barcodes to speed up ordering.
  • Each product can include multiple images for customers to view.
  • Each product can include multiple audio, video or other files for downloads.
  • Automatically email invoices to customers.
  • Easily resend invoices to customers.
  • Issue refunds, both cash & Card.
  • Free or charged for products.
  • Add product variations and extra options, each with its own price.
  • Ask for shipping address when physical items are purchased online.
  • Payments via card, cash, check or PayPal.
  • PCI DSS compliant gives peace of mind that all payment info is secure.
  • Over 100 currencies accepted by our payment processors.
  • Flat monthly card processing fees with PushPay.
  • Or card transaction rates start at 1.75% + 30c per transaction with Stripe.
  • No per order fees from UCare.
  • Send personalized bulk SMS and email directly from UCare to customers.
  • Effortlessly embed stores on your website or in an app.
  • Publish stores to the UCare portal.
  • Customize embedded forms to match your website or app style.
  • Use stores on any tablet for kiosk or retail ordering.
  • Staff and volunteers can even process orders over the phone.
  • Link to Processes to track fulfillment and automate notifications.
  • The order board let’s your café team manage each item of an order.
  • Add store hours for the café to help with people ordering on their way to church.
  • All UCare activity is fully audited for data privacy reporting needs.
  • Optimized for low bandwidth internet, no offline mode.
  • Encrypted internet connection to protect all data.
  • Supported on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer 11+.
  • The mobile app is supported on iOS 8+, Android 4.4+ or Windows Phone 8+.

Get started quickly

Point of sale is ready to go as soon as you create your products and upload any digital resource. You can also quickly add a website store. The set up options will grow as you need and we’re there to guide you with every step.

People that care

We know it is frustrating when thing don’t work as expected, that’s why we invest in a great support team to help with questions you have. We also have plenty of articles, videos and training available.

Continual improvement

We’re always refining and improving based on our customer’s usage and needs. We want to work together to make UCare even better, when you have an idea or feedback feel free to share.

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