6 new event management enhancements πŸ†•

10 September 2020

The UCare team is delivering improvements for Churches to adapt to changing requirements.

In the last fortnight, we have released the following improvements in event management:

Event Registration Cancellation Automation

Previously, for an attendee to cancel their registration UCare would need the registrant to contact the Church. Now on free event registrations, a cancellation link is included.

This reduces the time required for the cancellation process and makes it faster and easier for limited seating to be re-issued as available for other event attendees.
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Overbook Logic Update

Previously, UCare had allowed events to be overbooked in certain circumstances. This was to allow for forecast 'no shows'. Now, overbooking is removed. All events will stop new ticket registration once the availability is reached.
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Multi-ticketing Smarter Duplication Identification & Removal

When registering multiple attendees to an event, often completed by one household member for all attending people, extra data is captured on the person registering all participants, this improves the record matching to existing records and reduces duplication.
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Mobile Digital Event Passes

Event registration confirmation emails to attendees now contain the QR code and event check-in information that is included on the ticket. This allows emails on mobile devices to act as a digital pass for check-in. This improves ease, speed, and accuracy of check-in.
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Contactless Check-in on any shared item using QR code

Any item shared for use in UCare now has a QR code associated. This improves the ease and scalability of contactless check-in across the Church.
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Enhanced Volunteer Permissions on Events

A new permission is enabled for volunteers to manage event check-ins. The new permission does not enable access to any other data contained within UCare. This reduces onboarding time for volunteers, increases security, and makes it easier to manage event check-ins through volunteers.
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Coming soon: Enhanced Duplication Removal on Event Registrations

2 Factor authentication on event registration to reduce the creation of duplication records on event registrations. This improves matching for existing profiles, whilst increasing the security of data and retaining the accuracy of your church records.

Estimated release date: end of September.

UCare leads the world with quality, speed, and simplicity of data management.

We will continue to deliver improvements on existing and new futures based on user feedback.

Please visit our help portal for knowledgebase articles on all aspects of UCare.

Thank you for using UCare.

Stay Safe,
The UCare Team

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