Latest News & Updates from the UCare Team


the gift of giving 🆕💝

22 December 2020

For Christmas this year we wanted to give our churches a gift, so we're giving you the gift of giving. Introducing UCare Giving, the easiest way for your people to give. Empower your people to give recurring or one-off payments via any method in their local currency. Why use UCare Giving? Simplicity…


6 new event management enhancements 🆕

10 September 2020

The UCare team is delivering improvements for Churches to adapt to changing requirements. In the last fortnight, we have released the following improvements in event management: Event Registration Cancellation Automation Previously, for an attendee to cancel their registration UCare would need the…


Social distancing event management

16 July 2020

UCare Events is the best way to solve the problem of doing church but keeping the right attendance numbers and details while being responsible during social distancing. This guide walks you through the entire process of: setting up events. collecting registrations. checking people into services. All…


New: check-in for live streamers

20 March 2020

What a week of change! With coronavirus restrictions continuing to increase, we've heard from many churches over the last two weeks that you need help to better connect with people online. Our product team had an unscheduled strategy meeting on March 13 to allow us to pivot our focus to what we can…


How to better handle coronovirus 😷

13 March 2020

Coronavirus has been a hot topic around the world in the last few weeks, but it feels like that kicked up a notch this week. Around the world, governments have put restrictions in place to help slow the rate of infection. We are not recommending any health advice other than: follow the instructions…