Kiosk updates: multiple label designs, custom details and emoji ⭐ 🎁 👋

25 September 2019

Here are the details on some updates to the check-in kiosk that we rolled out this week.

First up if you go to Check-in settings you’ll notice that you can now upload multiple DYMO Nametags and DYMO Security Tickets. You can also enable one or more “More detail” types that are then available to include on your Nametag designs. The check-in settings help article details how you can customize the DYMO labels.

Once you load the kiosk, you should notice the meetings are grouped by type, making it faster to unselect particular types of meetings. You should also notice that under each Group Type you can select which nametag to print or turn of nametags for that Group Type. Turning off the labels is helpful for adult meetings where nametags aren’t normally wanted. You should also notice at the top of the list you can select which security ticket to print, including none.

There is a new option at the bottom of the list called “Meeting selection default”. Until now, when you select a family for check-in, the meeting to check into is preselected. That’s fine unless someone is away, or you don’t want to check-in adults. With the new option, you can default each family member to “Not here” requiring parents to select the correct meeting to check-into. Note, to help quickly check people in the meetings are still coloured green where the person is a regular attendee or blue if they are a recent visitor.

Like in the past, these settings are remembered so that your check-in team don’t have to reconfigure the kiosk each time.

Last but not least are three new emoji included on DYMO nametags and displayed in the kiosk. If a person is new (i.e. added in the last seven days) then they will have a ⭐ emoji next to their name. If it’s the person’s birthday in the next seven days then they will have a 🎁 emoji next to their name. If the person is attending for the first time in over 30 days then they will have a 👋 emoji next to their name. We’ve added these emoji so that you can quickly identify new people, kids with birthdays or kids who have been absent, allowing you to make each of them feel extra special.

We have more printer updates to discuss next week, in the meantime, we look forward to your feedback on these changes and anyway we may be able to improve them.

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