Today Apple has released the latest version of the macOS operating system. It’s available as a free upgrade for most iMacs and MacBook’s, but if you are using a DYMO printer for check-in then DO NOT UPGRADE YET.

Apple create great products and updates the software for free every year, and like clockwork macOS Catalina (version 10.15) was released today and is available for download now. This version no longer runs 32-bit apps; it now only runs 64-bit apps. This change won’t affect most apps, but it is a problem if you are using DYMO printers with macOS as the DYMO software is 32-bit.

The latest version of the DYMO Label software is 8.7.3. DYMO has told us that next month they will release a new 64-bit version of this software that will work on macOS Catalina. So while many like new shiny people using DYMO printers will need to hold off for a few more weeks.


On Windows, DYMO has been releasing new software called DYMO Connect (the current version is 1.1) and have depreciated the DYMO Label Software. The new Connect software does not have the website printing features of the DYMO Label 8.7.3 software yet. Next month we are told that version 1.2 of the Connect software will also arrive with support for website printing. So for people using Windows please continue using DYMO Label 8.7.3 (download here), it is fully supported.