This past week we rolled out a few changes to the Check-in Kiosk, the first change is Self Check-in mode. If you select this mode when opening the Check-in Kiosk we’ll sign you out of UCare, the befit being that you can then let families use the Kiosk to check themselves in without having to worry about them being able to view other people’s private information. So now if you have a team that is stretched you can allow parents to check their children in, print off name tag labels and get to church quicker than they could previously.

The second change we made was to add a quick guest check in option, many churches find that new guests turn up with not much time to fill in permission forms and provide details for their children. With the Christmas season soon upon us this can be very problematic as you’ll likely see many new guests attending.

The new guest check in option will now allow you to quickly add guests and print off name tags & security tickets in seconds. When the parents return to collect their children you can gather their info and permission forms, take photos and send new families on their way with very little hassle knowing you’ve also legally covered your ministry and gathered info so that you can re-invite those families in the following weeks.

The guest check in mode also has the added benefit of allowing you to add new households, family members, edit people’s details or take new photos all on the fly. Of course to keep people’s information private this option is only available from assisted-check-in not self-check-in mode.

Finally, for people using their iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone you can now use your device’s camera to scan barcodes to check people in quickly. Previously this option was only available from computers using a seperate device to scan barcodes. This now means you can scan barcodes using just a smartphone without having to purchase aditional and potentially expensive hardware.

With these and other updates we’re working hard to make UCare smarter and easier to use, if you have any feedback we’d love to hear from you, simply email