Many of our churches currently use Planning center services to plan their services and schedule people for different service roles. UCare has supported syncing people to Planning center so that you could roster them for these positions, this meant that you didn’t need add people to two systems, or update a person in Planning center and UCare.

Planning center recently depreciated the way we talk to their product (the API), we are now using their new API for syncing profile updates with their product. But with these changes our ability to sync contact info has been disabled.

How to re-sync

  1. Open the UCare Sync center (found in the left hand nav bar) and then click on Planning center.
  2. Click the connect to Planning center button, this will redirect you to Planning center to ask for permission for UCare to talk to their product.
  3. After approving UCare you will return to UCare and see a list of disconnected profiles, select all the profiles you want to re-sync and then click Actions > Sync with planning center.

If you followed all these steps then your work is done, the selected people are re-synced with Planning center and any updates to their profile will be sent to Planning center.

An added benefit of this new sync with Planning center is that we can now fully sync changes both ways. Previously this sometimes didn’t work when the change was made in Planning center. Now though you will see those updates happening in both directions within a few seconds of the change being made. Additionally more info is now being synced then previously.